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   Zelon – Outstanding low drag resistance with short cutting length

      Compact dimensions, low power requirements and continuous flow of material are the benefits of the Zelon. This means it loads quickly, is gentle on the fodder and save fuel! 


Zelon frei

Zelon - efficiency already from 24 m³!

This forage wagon is ideally suited for self-mechanised dairy farms or machine pools that value high forage quality with low power requirements.

  • Zelon 250, 290 (DO) und 360 (DO)
  • loading capacity 24 – 35 m³ (according to DIN 11741)
  • 1.80 m wide camless pick-up
  • Adjustable roller crop guard
  • Optional 500 mm wide additional guide roller mounted behind the pick-up
  • Exact-Cut cutting unit with 37 knives and 39 mm cutting length
  • Powder coated steel floor
 Flex-Load Pick-up
Kunststoffzinken RGB

Flex-Load Pick-up (optional)

Flexible charging - Saving time and effort

Minimum wear and optimum adaptation to ground due to the innovative Flex-Load pick-up with plastic tines



Continuous Flow System

- the system for efficient charging

Due to the interaction of different components, the Continuous Flow System ensures excellent easy towing with little power required. Pick-up, Flow Roller, rotor and Exact-Cut cutting unit are ideally matched to each other and complement each other perfectly. This results not only in excellent cutting quality but also in easy towing, thus saving power, money and time.


Rotor und Schneidwerk

Rotor and cutting unit

For optimum fodder quality

  • 1.50 m wide rotor with 5 tine rows
  • Spiral-shaped conveyor tines
  • Standard 37 knives with two cutting edges each for double service life
  •  39 mm theoretical cutting length





  • stable, multi-purpose all-steel construction
  • Slip-proof transport floor
  • Powder coated steel floor
  • Optimum filling degree of the loading space


Zelon neu Fahrwerk 1
Zelon neu Fahrwerk 2
Zelon neu Fahrwerk 3


  •  Suspended 13 t boogie tandem chassis
  • 40 km/h
  • 16 t chassis optional
  • Optional passive steering
  • Tyres up to 710/40 R22.5
Zelon neu Bedienung


Different operating variants enable adapted and convenient operation of the Zelon

  • E-Control
  • Strautmann ISOBUS



Technical data

Technical data

    Zelon  250 Zelon 290
with/ without DO
Zelon 360
with/ without DO
Length [m] 7,79 8,59 / 9,33 9,99 / 10,73
Outside wheel width

Chassis 13 t,

tyres 620/40 R 22.5

[m] 2,71

Chassis 16 t,

tyres 710/40 R 22.5

[m] 2,8
Height with Silage attachment [m]

Chassis 13 t,

tyres 620/40 R 22.5

[m] 3,65

Chassis 16 t,

tyres 710/40 R 22.5

[m] 3,75

Height difference scissor-grid

[m] +0,04

Height differnce scissor-grid (without DO)

[m] -0,79

Height differnce scissor-grid (with DO)

[m] -0,69
Loading space dimensions 
Hight [m] 2,24
Width [m] 2,10
Length [m] 5,99 6,79 8,19
Loading capacity according to DIN  [m³] 24 28 35
Loading capacity, medium compression [m³] 44 51 65
Own weight in basic equipment [kg] 5.600 5.900/6.500 7.000/7.600
Gross vehicle weight rating standard [kg] 15.000
Gross vehicle weight rating optional [kg] 19.000
Power requirement
Power requirement  [KW/HP] 70/95 77/105 88/120
Additional data
Type Conveyor unit   Rotor
Number of knives [pcs] 37
Picking-up width of pick-up [m] 1,80
Theoretical cutting length [mm] 39