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Sherpa, Einsatz 3



Sherpa frei

Sherpa - The entry-level model

  • Usable mixing capacity of 12 - 14 m³
  • Picking-up, mixing & feeding with one machine
  • Available with efficient milling cutter
Vario2 Mischschnecke

The IMS mixing auger – Variability and strength for any Purpose

Due to the patented knife adjustment system, the IMS mixing auger can be perfectly adapted to your specific conditions of use. The robust and low-maintenance  angular gear ensures a long service life even under challenging conditions.


  • Low power requirement
  • Optimum fodder structure
  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Energy-saving short mixing times



Sherpa, Fräse
Sherpa, Einsatz
Sherpa, Fräse, Grafik

Fast & efficient - The Pick-up milling cutter

  • High-performance milling cutter equipped with 60 cranked knives for gentle picking-up and optimum cut surface shape
  • Clean and fast picking-up of loose bulk materials and all kinds of silage
  • Reversing option of conveyor duct, when the desired weight is reached to convey excess fodder back to the feed storage area
Sherpa, Austrag seitlich VR
Sherpa, Austrag seitlich HL
Sherpa, Austrag seitlich HL PVC-Band
Sherpa, Austrag seitlich HL Austragsförderer

Discharge Options - adapted to your Enterprise



Sherpa, Bedienung 1
Sherpa, Bedienung 2
Sherpa Kabine neu

Weighing and operating



Sherpa, Motor

Engine and drive line

  • 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine
  • Strong performance with low consumption
  • With Charge-air cooling(John Deere Emissions Level IV)
  • 104 kW/ 141 HP with 2000 rpm, 556 Nm with 1400 rpm



Technical Data

Technical Data

Type   Sherpa 120 Sherpa 140
Length m 8,25 8,25
Height m 2,52 2,77
Width with one discharge door m 2,52 2,52
Width with two discharge doors m 2,62 2,62
Outer Wheel width front m 2,31 2,31
Outer Wheel width rear m 1,94 1,94
Diameter of loading drum m 0,61 0,61
Width of elevator arm m 0,58 0,58
Working width m 2,00 2,00
Removal height m 4,50 4,50
Tare weight from kg 10.200 10.300
Volume - usable mixing capacity 12,0 14,0
Axle - Wheel base m 3,86 3,86