Verti-Mix S

Verti-Mix S, Einsatz 2
Verti-Mix S, Einsatz
Verti-Mix S, Freisteller

The Right Verti-Mix S - for your needs…

  • Usable mixing capacity of 7,5 - 24 m³ 
  • Expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm attachments
  • Highest stability of the container due to patented embossing
  • All components have been designed for maximum mixing capacity
Vario2 Mischschnecke

The IMS mixing auger – Variability and strength for any purpose

Due to the patented knife adjustment system, the IMS mixing auger can be perfectly adapted to your specific conditions of use. The robust and low-maintenance  angular gear ensures a long service life even under challenging conditions.


  • Low power requirement
  • Optimum fodder structure
  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Energy-saving short mixing times 



Verti-Mix, Aufsatz 0
Verti-Mix, Aufsatz 180
Verti-Mix, Aufsatz 360

You want your business to grow – Your Verti-Mix S adapts to your growing needs

The patented container embossing at the top container edge provides the Strautmann mixing container additional strength and stability. It serves as the basis for variable container extensions (0 mm - 180 mm - 360 mm) enabling you to adapt the capacity of the mixing container to your operational requirements.


  • Flexible customised extension of the capacity
  • Highest stability of the container due to embossing
  • Design of all components for maximum possible container capacity
Vert-Mix S, Austrag
Verti-Mix S, Austrag, Grafik

Discharge options - adapted to your Enterprise

Depending on the individual conditions prevailing in an enterprise, discharge via side doors at different points is possible. Furthermore, slope conveyors of different lengths up to 4.5 m for the transfer to other transport systems are available.

Wiegeeinrichtung PTM HL 50
Funkfernbedienung PTM AV 70

Operating and weighing - Take your choice

Strautmann responds to individual customer demands also with regard to the kind of operating device. The selection of the operating option depends on the user‘s requirements.




Technical Data

Technical Data

Type   Verti-Mix 951-S (7,5 / 8,5 / 9,5 m³) Verti-Mix 1651- (13,5 / 15,0 / 16,5 m³) Verti-Mix 1700-S Double  Verti-Mix 2400-S 
Length m


3,67 5,40 6,07
Width m 2,16 2,42 2,16 2,42
Height m 2,23 / 2,41 / 2,59 2,85 / 3,03 / 3,21 2,48 2,98
Usable mixing capacity 7,5 / 8,5 / 9,5 13,5 / 15,0 / 16,5 17 24