Flex-Load Pick-up (option)

Magnon CFS

 Flex-Load Pick-up
Kunststoffzinken Reihe

Wide Pick-up

  • Flat standing pick-up for optimum adaptation to Ground
  • Camless with only a few movable parts for minimum wear
  • Road travel possible without folding of guide wheels
  • Homogeneous fodder intake due to double  roller crop guard
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Flexible plastic tines

  • Special PUR composition
  • 6 helically arranged segmented tine rows
  • Tines are flexible in each direction
  • Ideal adaptation to ground
  • Penetration into the ground is prevented, thus avoiding contamination of fodder
  • Minimum wear and hardly any tine breakage
  • Change of tines within one minute with only one tool required
CFS mit Flex-Load für GV

Your advantages

  • Less breakage of tines
  • Minimised tine wear
  • Change of tines in less than one Minute
  • Ideal adaptation to ground
  • Optimum protection of soil
  • Less contamination of fodder