Continuous Flow System


Cutting unit & rotor:

  • Exact cutting due to perfect interaction
  • The small distance between rotor tines and knives ensures an exact cut with little power required
  • Tine plates welded on the rotor additionally ensure a uniform scissor-type cut

Pick–up: Gentle picking-up of grass and dispersal of swathe

  • Camless pick-up
  • Plastic strippers for low tine wear
  • Tine rows placed in V-shape disperse the grass
  • Due to the additional CFS roller, the pick-up is in a very flat position
  • Optimum adaptation to ground

CFS-Roller: Dispersal and acceleration of material

  • The CFS roller disperses the grass by means of the special welded-on layer
  • Thus, grass is homogeneously conveyed to the rotor over the entire width
  • Acceleration of material ensures homogeneous flow of material
  • Always identical delivery of loaded material from pick-up to rotor
  • No fodder piling up

Optimum filling degree over the entire width

  • Reduced power requirement due to higher positioned rotor and thus shortened conveyor duct
  • The material is conveyed into the cargo space over its total width
  • Maximum and homogeneous filling degree = higher tonnage per m³
  • Fast loading with less power required